Investment Loans

Investing in property is a goal for many Australians and when done diligently, can provide you with future returns and added security.

Investment Loans

One of the keys to sound property investment is ensuing that you secure the right investment loan to reduce risk while maximising any potential returns.

At Finance Mutual Australia, we have worked with many clients over the years to assist them with building their property portfolio by providing valuable finance guidance.

How can Finance Mutual Australia help you?

Investing in property involves substantial research and planning to reach your wealth goals.

Finance Mutual Australia will work with you to provide sound guidance when it comes to securing the most suitable loan product to facilitate your investment.

You can expect:

  • Personalised service based on your investing experience, from first time investors to large property portfolios
  • Thorough analysis of the loan products available to you based on your investment goals
  • Clear and detailed communication regarding how much you can borrow, the costs involved and any potential risks to be aware of
  • Advice when it comes to structuring your loan, taking into consideration loan types and flexibility, your deposit and repayment terms to achieve the best possible outcomes

If you’ve been thinking of buying your first property or building upon your existing portfolio, contact Finance Mutual Australia today.

Our knowledgeable mortgage brokers are available to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your investment goals by calling (08) 8216 4111 or completing the enquiry form.

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