Why Use a Finance Broker

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Why use a Finance broker?

They guide you through the process

Particularly for first home buyers, it can be a daunting process searching for your first home loan.

The role of a finance broker is to guide you through the loan process from start to finish, ensuring that you feel informed every step of the way.

They will work to determine what your borrowing power is by reviewing your past and current financial position, while also looking to the future considering your wealth goals.

With this information, your finance broker will refer to their expansive panel of lenders to find the most suitable loan product for you, and facilitate the preparation of your loan application.

Once your loan is approved, your finance broker will walk you through the steps to settlement until you have the keys to your new home or car!

They offer expert advice

There’s a lot more to loans than deposits and interest rates!

Lenders are constantly updating their loan criteria and new loan products are appearing in the market constantly. It can be a challenge to keep up, and to know what is going to best meet all of your borrowing needs.

A finance broker takes many factors into consideration when reviewing a client’s file. This includes your borrowing history, your employment circumstances, any Government grants or incentives you may be eligible for and any existing assets/debts you may have to determine your borrowing power, and to therefore match you with an appropriate lender.

It’s also important to consider your repayments. Your broker will work with you to find a loan solution that will allow you to comfortably repay your loan based on your current circumstances, and avoid any unwelcome financial strain

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